City Council/School Elections are Nov. 7

Ben Hassebroek


The elections for mayor, city council and school board positions are  Tuesday, November 7. Voting  will take place at polling locations in each of the ten voting precincts of Hancock County. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For additional information on the locations of the precincts and polling places, please consult either the Oct. 25 edition of The Leader, or the official Hancock County website’s front page.

The candidates for each position are as follows:



Two council seats are open and Marline K. Lewerke and Glen Juhl are both running for reelection.


James L. Nelson is a candidate for mayor at Britt. Three positions are open on the Britt City Council. City council candidates are Todd Hildman and Jefry Moore. A third position will be filled by write-in ballot. No candidates filed to fill a vacancy on the council. 


No candidate is on the ballot for mayor. Klemme voters will elect two council seats. Candidates are Tim Jergeson and Nichole M. Winters.


Judy Vander Ploeg is a candidate for mayor. Vander Ploeg is currently a member of the city council and is mayor pro-tem. A race has developed for the two open seats on the Kanawha City Council. Ray Bassett and Mathieu Lemay are running for reelection. Challengers are Brandon Douglas and Shirley Baker.


Matt Hobscheidt seeks another term as mayor. A race has developed for the Corwith City Council. Voters will elect three persons to the council. Candidates are Michele Garman (incumbent), Sharon Spellins, Michelle Hankins, Tracie J. Foley and Kimberly Mullenbach. No candidates filed to fill a vacancy.

Crystal Lake

Shawn Dontje is a candidate for another term as mayor. Three council seats are open. Candidates are Laura Blocker, Duane Harms and Loretta Oudekerk. All are currently serving on the city council.


Paul Buns is running for another term as mayor of Woden Woden voters will elect two to the city council. Candidates are Tip Piper and Dylan Brandt. Both are incumbents. Andrew Plessel, incumbent, is a candidate to fill a vacancy.


Barbara Schaefer is running for mayor of Goodell.  Two positions on the city council are open. Councilman Alan Pralle has filed for relection. A second position will be filled by write-in.



Two at-large positions on the Garner-Hayfield Board of Education expire in 2023. Candidates are Kim Upmeyer (incumbent) and Laura Schleusner.

West Hancock

Candidates for Director District seats on the school board are:

At-Large – Jennifer Bixel (incumbent)

District 2 – Jeremy Purvis

District 4 – Kevin Wilson (incumbent)

District 5 – No candidate filed.



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