Contested election for County Treasurer in November

Rebecca Peter

There is one contested election for county office on the ballot for the Tuesday, Nov. 8 General Election.

Incumbent Deborah D. Engstler, Garner, a Republican, is running for another term as Hancock County Treasurer. Challenger Linda Juhl is the current Property Tax Deputy in the Treasurer’s Office. Juhl, rural Garner, is running as an Independent candidate.

•Why are you running for (re)election to the office of Hancock County Treasurer?

Engstler: I want to serve as Hancock County Treasurer. I believe I am the best suited to hold this position.

Juhl: As the current Property Tax Deputy and the only one in that office that is cross trained in the property tax department, motor vehicle department, issuing driver’s license, and calculating drainage splits, I believe I am the right candidate for the job. 

I think it is time for someone new to be elected into this position. Someone with new ideas that will work and serve the taxpayers of Hancock County. 

•What strengths or qualifications do you bring to the treasurer’s office?

Engstler: I have held this position for 13 years and have served under three treasurers prior to becoming treasurer. This has given me a lot of knowledge and experience. During this time, I have attended annual training courses that have included budgeting, investing and human resources.

I am a certified treasurer. I have been able to assemble a very compact team of personnel to meet the needs of Hancock County residents. I believe Hancock County will be best served by me and this team.

Juhl: I have taken on several duties of the treasurer and I can confidently say I know the duties of the treasurer and will continue to accomplish those tasks. I am very hardworking with great customer service and problem solving skills with much attention to detail. 

I enjoy working in the treasurer’s office with new challenges everyday. Being knowledgeable, approachable, a great communicator, having commonsense, and being dependable will make me a great leader for the public and colleagues. 

•If (re)elected, what are your top priorities?

Engstler: Make sure everyone receives help in a timely manner and with ethical, courteous and professional service.

We encourage the residents of Hancock County to call in with any questions you might have to better prepare you and my staff with the situation. No appointment required.

Juhl: I promise to show up, work, and listen to the residents of Hancock County everyday. I also want to make sure my colleagues get the leadership they deserve.

I will continue to work closely with the Board of Supervisors and make it a top priority to make sure my office is running at top notch and for the taxpayer to have a positive experience at the treasurer’s office. 

•Other comments:

Engstler: I would like to thank Hancock County for your past support. I have been very fortunate to be able to serve the residents of Hancock County.

Juhl: I want the residents of Hancock County to have a treasurer and staff with a passion for working hard, being knowledgeable and friendly so you get the best customer service that you deserve. 
I would greatly appreciate your support on November 8. 



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