The Common Nurse and the Beauty Within

Gary R. Robb
Clarion, Iowa

To the editor:

To see this spectacular display, one must live under a nurse’s care. For those who have never lived under the care of a nurse won’t know that the “common nurse” is so much more than common.

About the Beauty Within

There is much to consider. Let's take the depth of commitment nurses possess. Do you wish to be on toilet detail? The nurse probably doesn’t but they do it all In stride. One gets a humble feeling on the receiving end of this event. But is left so thankful that they are there to help. The nurse will make your condition more bearable. Over time, it is not the beauty you see but rather the beauty within to behold.

Onto Therapy

Therapy is a process of great expertise, one has to learn before it can be taught. It is a strenuous process. It takes devotion to deliver the vest of quality. Credit where credit is due. I think about these people every day. With their help and time, maybe the shackles can be removed and I can return to the life I have been gilded from.

I know because I was there! May God reward the nurses with Inspiration, Pride, and Happiness.


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